Print and digital go hand-in-hand in a hybrid world

6 July 2017

We believe in a hybrid world in which print and digital exist side-by-side. Reflecting our approach, this newsletter offers a new way for us to communicate with you and keep you informed about our plans.

Joos is a company with a long, proud history and is still considered by many to be a traditional printing business, but today we stand for much more than printing.

We recently completed our rebranding exercise, following which we presented our fresh new image to the world. Each of our three units – Joos Print, Joos Connect and Joos Hybrid – now has its own identity and own mission. At Joos Print, which has adopted the slogan ‘Classical yet exceptional’, paper will retain its position and we will continue to deliver an efficiently made product. Joos Connect seeks a partnership with its customers, which is summed up by the slogan ‘Better match, better return’. Finally, ‘More hybrid is magic’ is the slogan selected for Joos Hybrid, our unit that will handle the transactional communications of the future.

Besides the rebranding exercise, 2016 saw us take significant steps to secure our future growth. This was helped by the investments we made last year, which totalled over EUR 8 million. Investing in the new Joos Hybrid building, the latest printing technologies and new software and hardware for our data centres and hybrid communication platform has given us a competitive advantage.

Joos Hybrid and Joos Connect both operate in young growth markets and aim to be market leaders. Each of them faces very specific challenges. Joos Print has remained steady in a shrinking market, leading to an increase in our market share.

Despite these developments, we still hold on to part of our past. We remain a family business, and this is reflected in how we present ourselves to the outside world.

For those with the right vision, the digital transformation offers endless possibilities. In our view, the best placed companies are those that open up to their customers. We therefore believe that the best recipe for success is to work with our customers. In a changing world, collaborating smartly is crucial. Sometimes you can reach your destination faster by working with others. That is why we want to open up and share our know-how relating to matters such as the GDPR and data security.

These are our priorities in today’s hybrid world, and this newsletter will be a key tool for implementing this strategy.