6 December 2016 / JOOS PRINT

Classic letterheads
with a special finish

Secrecy until the official launch


After a ten-year absence, Bank Nagelmackers burst back on the scene at the end of 2015 with a completely revamped corporate identity, created by Famous. The bank closely involved Joos Print in the implementation of its new brand identity and is still the bank’s preferred supplier for business and secure documents.

Bank Nagelmackers is the oldest bank in Belgium. In 2001, the Dutch bank Delta Lloyd acquired this private bank, which was established in 1747 in Liege after it changed hands several times in the Nineties.  Four years later the bank was renamed Delta Lloyd Bank Belgium.

In 2014, the Chinese Anbang Group, which became the new owner of Delta Lloyd Bank, decided to revive the old brand name again. The aim was to highlight this financial institution’s renewed focus on private and personal banking. Bank Nagelmackers currently has 55 branches, 50 brokers and a workforce of more than 500 employees. The bank boasts about 170,000 customers.


Joos Print is the preferred printer for all administrative forms and documents that reflect the bank’s corporate identity, such as continuous printed letterhead with a SEPA transfer order, ordinary SEPA transfer orders on large rolls, transaction notices and so on.

“One of the priorities in the implementation of the new brand identity was to produce and deliver about 20 different types of documents in the short term. Obviously secrecy was a big issue for this client. They could not afford any leaks of the new name according to Leen Huys, Contract Management Facility at Bank Nagelmackers.” The delivery to the bank, which was still called Delta Lloyd Bank at the time, was arranged in close consultation and with the utmost discretion because even the bank’s employees would only be informed about the new name upon the official launch.

“We signed an NDA with Bank Nagelmackers for this”, says Roel Malfait, Sales Manager at Joos Print. “We produced the documents according to the procedures of our internationally recognised ISO 14298 certificate. This requires complying with a series of guidelines for the production of secure printed documents or information of a sensitive nature.”

State-of-the-art security and finishing techniques

Joos Print paid special attention to the production of customer and bank cheques, which were printed on security paper, with a watermark and fluorescent fibres.

Bank Nagelmackers also decided to work with us for speciality products such as prospection brochures, folders for bank statements, for mortgages and file boxes with a magnetic closure in very thick cardboard thanks to our extensive expertise in finishing techniques.

Online module

Since the bank’s rebranding, Joos Print also supplies the business cards for all Nagelmackers employees. “We were trying to find the right visual style for our business cards, says Bart Beeusaert, Head of Strategic & Creative Marketing of Bank Nagelmackers. Joos Print suggested using a special spot UV varnish for our business cards to add a visual dimension to our logo.” Every week, new employees join one of the bank’s branches. Bank Nagelmackers now uses a practical online module to enter the details for new business cards or cards with office hours and give the go-ahead so they can be printed.

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