6 December 2016 / JOOS CONNECT

100 different options in full colour for GvA’s direct mail campaign

Stunning posters with
an aerial photo of the region

Gazet van Antwerpen (GvA) is a local newspaper, published by Mediahuis. Every day, 90,000 copies roll off the presses. Direct mail is still the main communication channel for targeting potential new subscribers. Mediahuis decided to work with Joos Connect for these DM campaigns. The communication plan also includes mailpacks and self-mailers.

Aerial photos of your region

Mediahuis purposefully chose to go regional for its campaign, titled “Aerial photos of your region”. Gazet van Antwerpen’s ambition is to be the number one in its region. The newspaper wants to establish a relationship of trust with its readers, which is why it invests in highly customised promotion campaigns.



 This time, Gazet van Antwerpen decided the sky was the limit for this campaign.  The campaign message was strong and clear, the take just as original. “We hired a helicopter for a few days, to take unique aerial photos of about 100 towns in the province of Antwerp. We used these photos for a direct mail campaign, to 70,000 potential subscribers”, says Kim Diels, DM Coordinator for GvA. “We created a customised full-colour poster with the aerial photos, which was also a reference to an upcoming series of special reports in the newspaper, with aerial photos. We sent these stunning posters to our target audience, in an envelope with a panoramic window. The recipient immediately recognised the aerial photo of his own town as well as his first name. The cover letter and discount coupon were also customised in colour.”

“Seventy thousand potential subscribers received a personalised aerial photo of their region, which they could keep.”


A technological feat

Joos Connect used its new inkjet printer, the Canon Océ ImageStream, to produce this campaign. Tom Dieltiens, Key Account Manager Joos Connect : “We can use this high-volume printer to create hyper-personalised campaigns with an endless number of variable images in full colour.  It means we take direct mail to a whole new level, especially when you combine this printer with the speed of a rotary press and the processing of untreated coated and uncoated paper.”



Open your mailboxes

Mediahuis also works closely with Joos Connect for its self-mailers. Kim Diels: “Although the response to a traditional mailing in an envelope traditionally is higher, self-mailers can still be quite interesting. It is a way of reducing costs for large volumes. We use this among others for our “The newspaper for free” campaigns, which are very popular.  We devise original techniques with Joos Connect to neutralise the potentially lower response as much possible. In a previous campaign, we decided to incorporate “mailboxes that opened” on the outside of the envelope, in order to trigger the recipient’s curiosity.”



Other channels enhance the effect

Kim Diels: “Direct mail is our main channel for recruiting new subscribers. All these mailing campaigns must guarantee a continuous flow of new subscribers. But Mediahuis also communicates through digital channels. After a paper mailing, potential subscribers always receive a reminder by e-mail. It is the last trigger – just before the deadline – to encourage consumers to take advantage of a promotion. Finally, Mediahuis also promotes its newspapers above the line twice a year, on radio, TV and online.”

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