What we believe in

Print is not dead!

It is true that digitisation is changing our society – and your customers’ lives – at breakneck speed. Regardless of how divergent their opinions are, all the experts agree on one thing: Print is not Dead. Print will continue to be an important channel for reaching your customer, now and in the future. And this will certainly be the case when documents are printed using unusual, exciting and challenging finishing techniques. Something that Joos Print excels at.

We maximally capitalise on the power of print, for an optimum ROI in your communication mix. We use unique products for specific applications, working closely with the other divisions of Group Joos. As a result, print communication can achieve results for your company that other media may be less suited for, by reaching out to your customers, with warm and emotional communication.

Let us work together!

How do you want to communicate with your customers? Or rather: which channels do your customers prefer for this? We enjoy learning more about the challenges you face, now and in the future The result may be a print or digital solution, hyperpersonalised or with a special finishing technique. Our technology is at your service.