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More hybrid is magic!

Transactional communicationis an essential part of your client’s “customer journey”as it often exceeds commercial communication in terms of volume as well as frequency Transactional communication relates to administrative documents that contain confidential information, such as contracts, payroll sheets, tax certificates, medical certificates, financial statements, invoices, reminders and so on.

Absolute accuracy, guaranteed security and confidentiality are  a vital precondition. In the future the customer’s freedom to choose his or her preferred channel of communication will become equally as important, if not more so. Being able to make the most of the communication channels used by your customers will become a major asset for your business.  If you want your invoices to be paid on time, then you might send printed copies to fewer customers in the future. For your customers who are at the forefront of digital change, there are a growing number of digital channels available today. This is the world of hybrid communication.

Joos Hybrid is an independent player in the market, and our task is to support all channels, both today and in the future. Our company offers one single point of contact for all your transactional communications, in both printed and digital formats, which is about as efficient as it gets. Moreover, our information on preferred channels allows you to improve your services and further enhance your customer’s journey, enabling you and your business to achieve even better results.

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How do you want to communicate with your clients? Or even better: which channels do your clients prefer? We are eager to know about your challenges, today and tommorow.

This might result in a print solution or a digital one, specifically tailored or with a special finish. Our technology is at your disposal.