Our solutions

Joos Hybrid works with a committed team of talented experts. We offer you a broad spectrum of solutions that can easily deal with your administrative communications. No matter which sources you and/or your customers use, we can process the data and deliver it tailored to the desires of the recipients. Delivery channels include domestic and international postal services and various digital channels (e.g. e-mail, text message, Zoomit, Doccle, POM). We also offer you the option of storing your documents in an archive that meets strict legal criteria. This service is available to large businesses as well as SMEs.

Different digital channels

We can adjust each document to suit the digital channel you want to offer to your customer.  Regular, detailed reporting will provide you with information on your customer’s channel use and the status of the production process.

All flavours on one single platform

You could decide to work directly with partners for e-presentment, e-invoicing and e-payment, but Joos Hybrid offers the advantage of one single central platform that provides access to all these partners’ systems. This means maximum efficiency for you, and maximum ease of use and freedom of choice for your end customers.

Printing, envelope enclosing and mailing

Our hyper-speed digital printers process up to 100,000 personalised A4-sheets per hour. And subsequently, a series of enveloping machines automatically inserts the documents in envelopes .An Automated Document Factory (ADF) control process ensures absolute integrity throughout the entire production process. We also handle delivery to the different channels, either by postal services for national and international items, or via secure courier services.

Your customer’s choice

We keep a complete record of the channel preferences of your customer. Whenever a customer changes his or her preference, we facilitate the switch. If you end customers prefer to receive invoices digitally but payslips by post, we can take care of that.