What we believe in

Better match, better return

In this multimedia age, customers more than ever leave behind relevant data. But their expectations regarding communication are also increasingly demanding. You can only achieve a successful dialogue by individually approaching a customer, with targeted information, through their preferred channels.

This customer-centric approach can now be implemented on a large scale in print – a channel that many consumers prefer.

Joos Connect can convert Big Data into printed, hyperpersonalised (mass) communication thanks to new investments, which significantly increases conversion. Because data-driven one-to-one communication increases the number of engaged customers, generating a higher Return on Investment. The use of various communication channels that are seamlessly geared towards each other will only enhance the results. Joos Connect is also your partner for your digital campaign, cross-channel strategy and the automation of your communication. And if you are interested in Augmented Reality, the Joos Connect team can also assist you with VEEEW.

Let us work together!

How do you want to communicate with your customers? Or rather: which channels do your customers prefer for this? We enjoy learning more about the challenges you face, now and in the future The result may be a print or digital solution, hyperpersonalised or with a special finishing technique. Our technology is at your service.