You already know the key ingredient of our successful approach. Because you are the key ingredient. Together with Joos Connect, you rise to the challenge of “reaching your entire target audience by targeting every customer individually”.

This requires listening. Our experts will ask you some targeted questions to be able to incorporate your marketing goals in their wider business context. We share experiences, review successes and analyse failures. And we look well beyond the boundaries of our own profession.

We examine your demand from a 360° perspective, relying on the knowledge of the other divisions of Group Joos. Where necessary, we also work with external know-how, calling in experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of the issue.

Finally, we present a solution that reveals the gold veins under your Big Data: a target audience of engaged customers, who all feel a close connection to your company.

You can always rely on Joos Connect

A deal is a deal. And we will go that extra mile to meet the promised deadlines. If a problem surfaces, we are always at your service to find a solution that suits you.

Within Group Joos, we have three production units, with substantial production capacity. We also developed a comprehensive DRP plan in-house.


Joos Connect does not depend on postal companies. We have the in-house know-how for the optimum sorting of postal items according to the local rules.

We work in accordance with the local technical specifications of bpost, PostNL, Sandd, La Poste, Assendia, Royal Mail and Deutsche Post.

Guarantees and certificates

Quality, health & safety and the environment

Joos Connect works to the most stringent standards on various levels, including quality, health & safety and the environment. You can find further information about this in our “Guarantees and certificates” section. Click here.

Our customised Service Level Agreements ensure that we collaborate with others based on specific agreements.