What we believe in

Digitisation has had a huge impact on your customer’s life. They are flooded with digital messages, and tend to protect themselves more and more. E-mails are deleted without being read, YouTube ads skipped and most users no longer even notice digital banners. And yet Group Joos believes your consumer is prepared to share a lot of information about himself. The only condition is that you must be relevant for your consumer. Which you can be with the infamous “Big Data”.

Big Data enable your company to step into the “era of individualisation”. Every customer is unique, so you also need to develop a unique approach for every customer. You communicate with every individual customer using their preferred channels, with the content that interests them. And Group Joos is your unique partner for this powerful, effective communication. We can take care of your print communication but are also innovative when it comes to digital communication. At Group Joos we specialise in Unlimited Digital Solutions & Print.