Guarantees and certificates

ISO 9001 quality standard

Every day we motivate our employees to excel at what they do. Quality assurance and your customer satisfaction are closely linked after all. That is why Group Joos’s long-term vision hinges on a permanent pursuit of increasingly higher quality, in accordance with ISO 9001.

This means that Group Joos works according to an integrated “Quality manual”. It describes all the procedures and controls, guaranteeing the constant excellent quality of our products and services. We draw up a custom “Quality plan” for every project. This plan sets out the processes, provides for continuous controls and allows us to adapt the procedure where necessary. We can even draw up a Service Level Agreement in line with your specific requirements.

We monitor your customer satisfaction, with internal and external surveys. Every department incorporates the results of these surveys in their action plan for continuous improvement. This continuous optimisation and the resulting higher levels of customer satisfaction make Group Joos so successful.




An environmental policy with an impact

At Group Joos we strongly believe in an environment-friendly approach. We take various initiatives for this, including using excipients and raw materials as much as possible, preventing or limiting emissions, energy savings, limiting chemical waste and the sorting and disposal of waste. The waste flows are monitored and destroyed by certified processing companies.

All the products you receive are packaged in recyclable materials. Febelgra also draws an annual action plan to reduce the quantity of packaging. Group Joos sticks to these guidelines, reporting to the professional federation every year.



Our environmental coordinator implements all the legal provisions and guidelines of OVAM. He also reports to the Public Waste Agency of Flanders every year. We also establish an annual sustainability report. Contact for further information.

Group Joos actively promoted the use of paper from sustainably managed forests. We obtained the FSC certificate (“Forest Stewardship Council”) and the PEFC certificate (“Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”) for all our efforts. If you wish, Group Joos can advise you on which environmentally sustainable paper you should use. This also means you can add an FSC or PEFC logo to anything you print.


Group Joos has embedded its impactful environmental policy in an ISO 14001 environmental management system. This allows us to continuously monitor our methods and rapidly adapt them if necessary.

Your printed documents are secured

At Group Joos you can be certain that your print communication is in safe hands. This is guaranteed under the ISO 14298 certification, which we received from Intergraf. A company only receives this certification when it meets the most stringent security requirements. And Group Joos definitely does.

The area around our plant is secured, visitors are always registered, we have alarm installations and CCTV everywhere and lockers with registration as well as separate secure production facilities with access control.

Many of our large international customers also organise an audit several times a year. They continuously make proposals so we can further optimise our security procedures. And our other customers reap the benefits of this.

Your confidential information is secured

In an audit by SGS, Group Joos met all the stringent ISO 27001 requirements in terms of information security with flying colours. The certificate proves we have a reliable “Information Security Management System” (ISMS).

As a customer, you have the guarantee that very confidential information – such as your payroll, bank statements, invoicing data and investment portfolios – are in safe hands with us. Which is why Group Joos is also an interesting outsourcing partner.