8 March 2018

“For our customers we are now also expanding our range of communication options with small to medium-sized print runs of non-personalised printing.” • Alex Joos, CEO of Group Joos

“I can offer some 28 years of know-how in planographic printing as well as a broad platform of printing press and finishing equipment experience.”  • Gust Broeckx, CEO of Gubro Print

“When a customer asks a question, we examine matters internally to work out the best production method and offer an integrated customised solution.” • Jackie Weyts, Sales & Marketing Manager

Since February 2018, Gubro Print came under the wing of Joos Connect in the Visbeekstraat in Turnhout. The acquisition assures Group Joos of an even more diversified range to offer the graphic market.

Until now, Group Joos focused on a consolidation of large print runs in the Forms Market and on the development of the range of Digital and Personalised Printing. Planographic printing is now being added to our field of work. A domain in which Gubro Print has specialised right from the start.

Gust Broeckx, CEO of Gubro: “I started in 1990 with a small printing business in Ravels. Business went well, an increasing amount of work arrived and I invested in new machines and finishing equipment. You can call on Gubro Print for plano or sheet printing: both commercially and privately oriented printing. But a communication story does not usually end there and for that reason I also expanded my range of finishing equipment. We made a conscious choice to remain quite small because in doing so I could provide more quality, speed, flexibility and customer-friendliness.”

A Long Partnership

A flourishing business, a passionate chief executive but no internal successor for a company director who is approaching  – though it is still quite far in the future –  retirement age. Alex Joos, CEO at Group Joos did not hesitate to offer Gubro Print the opportunity of becoming the fourth pillar of Group Joos.

Alex Joos, CEO of Group Joos: “We have been working with Gust for many years, to the satisfaction of both of us. Gubro Print’s strength lies in a number of aspects, of which one is certainly the work method employed. This is precisely why we entered into a dialogue. Planographic printing is a separate market in terms of production, speed and operation. But our customers do ask for it, there is a demand. So, when Gust spoke about continuity in the long-term, we knew right away: that we would sit down together and talk about it. This is a really great opportunity for both companies.”

Wider Range, Faster Service!

Gubro Print’s arrival means Group Joos can offer its customers an even greater number of integrated solutions. Multichannel communication in collaboration with a single supplier signifies an optimisation for all parties concerned.

Alex Joos: “Originally, we have always been a rotation printer, traditionally rather associated with large print runs. Within Group Joos, we have increased expansion to include digital and personalised printing. We did this recently by purchasing the Canon Océ Image Stream inkjet. Our range up until now has been characterised by medium to large print runs, or small to medium on condition that it concerned personalised printing. From now on, we also offer non-personalised, small to medium-sized print runs.

Jackie Weyts, Sales & Marketing Manager: “Moreover, Joos Hybrid and Joos Connect take pride in the smooth production of a great deal of mail and transactional communication. Courtesy of Gubro Print, we now also print envelopes ourselves, which results in much smoother and swifter processing.”

Offset, digital, plano, you name it, we do it! How do we as customer still see the forest for the trees?

Jackie Weyts: “No problem, we’ll take care of the forest. Whenever a question is asked, we examine the matter internally to work out the best production method and offer an integrated customised solution. We now have a broad spectrum of available options integrated into our printing platform and we can use and combine these efficiently.”

Data Protection in One Spot

Communication today also means Big Data, which in turn also means Safe Data. Integrated solution packages are now more than interesting for those working in the field of Personal Data. Alex Joos: “Data Protection is one of our strongest pillars. From 25 May 2018, all companies that collect personal data will be required to fully comply with the new set of regulations from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For companies working with secured data, it is less interesting to collaborate with different printing companies for their printed matter, because they have to go through complex, administrative and legal merry-go-rounds each time anew. The spreading of data over a range of suppliers also creates added risk in terms of data leaks. We have the in-house know-how to secure data, even more, we are specialised in this. This can also be beneficial to our customers; more of their print needs can be taken care of by us, something which makes a huge difference in terms of speed but also risk limitation when it comes to Data Protection.”

Smaller Ecological Footprint

Speed, efficiency, a large range of available products and better service, and… even the environment shares the benefits of the Gubro Print acquisition! Alex Joos: “We are decreasing the size of our ecological footprint, something that is more than important today. Precisely through being less dependent on third parties a first benefit is that there is less transport necessary for products. Think of mailings that still require an attachment, which used to be outsourced and had to be picked up.

By centralising the entire operation, you also produce less waste. For instance, when a mailing is ordered consisting of a letter, an extra brochure, as well as a small card and a cover and three companies work together on this, then all parties involved produce their own waste. By keeping everything in-house, communication will flow far more efficiently for every part of the order and we will be able to make a much faster estimation of the numbers per mailing and dramatically decrease waste that way.”


Gubro Print as Fourth Pillar

Group Joos consists of three entities: Joos Hybrid, Joos Print, and Joos Connect, each with its own client base, production chain and organisation. Gubro Print will be a fourth entity, separate from the other three. Alex Joos: “We want to use the dynamics, the spirt and the way of working as a lever. Short lines and personal contacts. There is also lots of creativity at Gubro Print. Gust works with a fixed team of creative freelancers who take care of layout. For us a little experimental, but we are curious about what it can mean for the future.”

Gust Broeckx: “I will stay onboard for a number of years and remain at the helm. We will continue to provide the same service as before, and in fact, more! Because from our side the range has also expanded. In other words: the continuity is guaranteed, in a qualitative manner. In the short-term, we can produce a great deal of brochures, flyers, business/calling cards, envelopes, writing pads and a whole lot more. And that is what Group Joos is interested in, not just in my equipment or my customer database.”

Alex Joos: “Before the move actually took place, an exchange of personnel took place between Group Joos and Gubro Print. This is why we guarantee a smooth transition period: everything has been thoroughly prepared in advance, the know-how on machinery shared. We are ready for it.”

Group Joos and Gubro Print under One Roof: Nothing but Benefits:

Larger available product range in different types of printed matter.

– small to medium print runs,

– large print runs

– digital

– (hyper) personalised

More complete package of services

Faster and more efficient service

Enhanced consolidation of Data Protection

More environmentally friendly

Gubro Print: Nothing but satisfied Customers

Gubro Print has for many years enjoyed a loyal and satisfied customer base and this is something it is very proud of. Claudine Decorte, director of Facilicom testifies: “Gom, the cleaning division of Facilicom, has been operating in Belgium for over 40 years and has been working together with Gubro Print from the very start. This started with a letterhead, invoices, order forms and envelopes. During the past 15 years GOM has evolved to become Facilicom Services Group, offering specialised facility services. Today, we have 5000 employees in Belgium and 30,000 in the Netherlands. Gust witnessed our company’s evolution as no other: always new logos, new brand names, business cards, new corporate identities, layouts, the first steps of our staff newspaper and company brochure, the support of events with brochures and programme booklets, etc. Time and again, Gubro Print worked its way through new material, also as a discussion partner. A particularly successful, professional and personal collaboration with Gust has always supported our company in the field of graphics and much more. We look forward to the renewed collaboration, now also with Group Joos.”