VEEEW ushers in a new era in communication

16 September 2016

In an era where a growing number of people use a smartphone or tablet, we can now fully integrate print with digital. The new VEEEW app lets posters, brochures and packaging come to life.

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Augmented Reality connects offline with online

VEEEW ushers in a new era in communication

In September 2014, Group Joos’s marketing division started to develop its first Augmented Reality apps. Tom Dieltiens was on board from the start. “We developed a new brand name and special logo: the start of VEEEW, which is pronounced like the English word “view” but is spelled differently. In an era where a growing number of people use a smartphone or tablet, we can now fully integrate print with digital.”

Posters, brochures and packaging come to life

Joos Connect builds apps with Augmented Reality technology so users can view an image with their smartphone or tablet, launching additional communication. New elements appear over an image, launching a video or audio clip, playing animations or letting you view 3D objects.

“You can select your language with VEEEW. The app also plays videos in an own environment, not through YouTube, meaning you are not shown similar videos by competitors after viewing your video”, says Tom.

Call to action options

Interactive buttons create fast and direct call to action options. Users are immediately transferred to a specific web page when they click an interactive button that is shown on top of an image on the screen of device. Placing an order, viewing a product, filling out a survey or form… It all becomes easier than ever. And a call button even connects the user to a specific phone number. An interactive button can also launch an e-mail programme, in which a specific e-mail address is already filled out. And in the case of social media, the user is directly transferred to a specific (company) page. Following an account on Twitter or liking a page on Facebook now takes next to no time at all.

Custom-built AR apps – showcases

Until recently, Joos Connect always built custom Augmented Reality (AR) apps. Together with Impuls Communication, for example, we built a unique “Special of the day” app for the Martens Brewery. We also created brochures for the holidays, with Christmas animations in the Delhaize Live app, using VEEEW technology.

These were all great applications… But custom-built apps need to be developed separately for every individual customer. And of course, there is also the approval process in the App store. This means it can take several weeks before an app can be actively used. Updates or adding new content are time-consuming. It means quick planning and the quick adding of content are almost impossible. As a result, large-scale applications are difficult. We devised a solution for AR technology that is quickly up and running based on the feedback of our first customers.

VEEEW: the generic version  

Today Joos Connect launches a content management system and a general VEEEW app that streams content. This generic VEEEW app brings all the content of the various campaigns and brands to the consumers. We are also working hard to add more innovative functionality in VEEEW.

Augmented Reality, accessible for everyone

Nowadays VEEEW can be used to quickly and affordably add a layer of Augmented Reality information to images. Our goal is to enable every company and even private individuals to add Augmented Reality to images. The entry price is 199 euros. We offer four packages. The throughput time is also much shorter. We can immediately add Augmented Reality to images with an automated content management system, adding and activating this in the VEEEW app. The system also generates detailed user statistics.

VEEEW is the connector between traditional print, direct mail and the new communication channels. Joos Connect thus makes print communication more efficient, establishing a direct connection with multimedia communication. In the short term, VEEEW will also be marketed as an AR standard through a global network of partners.

VEEEW is the perfect tool for connecting the offline and online worlds. Are you ready?

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